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  COMING SOON: If you are interested in registering for the course please write to

 You will be added to the mailing list and contacted when registration opens. (If you are a current SUNY Fredonia student, please note that the course will be offered in Fall 2023 as part of the curriculum). 


The course and private sessions offer participants practical tools from eighteen different modules relating directly or indirectly to MPA. Each module provides a method, a philosophy, and a specific set of tools. In addition, each participant is invited to perform several times at specific check-in points to help address their specific needs.

  • #1 Introduction

  • #2 Why: creating your own artist’s mission statement

  • #3 Organization: project management tools, practice lists, etc.

  • #4 Practice: creating your own practice protocol 

  • #5 Emotional Understanding of Music

  • #6 Structural Understanding of Music

  • #7 Building Confidence on Stage

  • #8 The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  • #9 The Mental Aspect of MPA

  • #10 The Emotional Aspect of MPA / EFT

  • #11 Parts Work

  • #12 The Physical Aspect of MPA

  • #13 Self Care: sleep, nutrition, exercise, gratitude, and meditation

  • #14 The Ideal versus Perfection

  • #15 Memorization

  • #16 Routines and On Stage 

  • #17 The Space 

  • #18 Forming New Habits

The 6-Pack

Sign up for a set of six private sessions with Dr. Eliran Avni to discuss your particular issues and challenges. We will choose the right tools for you to try out from the list above and practice together to achieve maximum results. 

The MUS 375 Course 

Will take a group of 10-15 participants through the entire set of modules. There will be information sessions, performing practices, and workbook assignments to help integrate the different tools. 


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