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KIM RAUCH, PIANIST (BM, MM, Piano Performance SUNY Fredonia)

"The tools that I learned with Dr. Avni helped me pinpoint the issues my performance anxiety was creating both in my playing and my day-to-day life. Some of my favorite tools are tapping, meditation, and visualization, and I continue to use them on a regular basis to help manage the stress of performing and being a musician in general. I'm so grateful that I was given the opportunity to study these techniques with him and better my life as a pianist, and a person." 


JODIE WHITE, PIANIST (BM, MM, Piano Performance SUNY Fredonia)

“From tapping out my nerves to visualizing entire movements in my head without moving a muscle, The Musicians ToolKit Class is a must-take for any musician who struggles with MPA (Musicians Performance Anxiety). Dr. Avni breaks down each tool to be simple, clear, and concise so that you are able to work with and practice multiple tools before your next class performance. I truly believe I have constructed a toolkit that aids me in being a more confident musician thanks to the incredible tools and life lessons I have learned from Dr. Avni’s The Musician's ToolKit.” 


GRACE JANG, PIANO (BM, MM, Piano Performance, SUNY Fredonia)

“This class was truly eye-opening to me as a musician and artist. I gained so much awareness using all these different tools that touch on the deep psychological, emotional, and mental levels of the self. Utilizing all these tools takes one's playing to another realm of artistry. I believe these ideas should be valued and discussed more in society.”


STEVEN McCHESNEY, PIANO (BM, MM, Piano Performance, SUNY Fredonia)

"Dr. Avni's MUS 375 course is a fantastic wealth of knowledge for musicians of all stages. You will undoubtedly find the tools to upgrade your practice routine and find more confidence to perform onstage with more control of your stage fright. Discussions in class are personalized and you are even given opportunities to test your knowledge in class. In my opinion, this class is a must-take for every musician."

JACKSON LASHER, CLARINET (BM, Clarinet Performance, SUNY Fredonia)

"I wanted to shoot you a quick message and say thank you so so so much for all your help as my coach for string chamber and also with Musician’s Toolkit in the Fall!!! I used my tapping script and looked back into my notebook leading up to my recital last night and it made a huge difference for me and it made me feel so much better as a performer and clarinetist! It also came in handy big time for all my grad school auditions over the past couple months, and I am so glad I took your class!!! Thank you so much again for all your help and everything you do and teach people, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to thank you!"

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